By Liam Price

T he intention of this website is to provide mainly visual evidence from sources such as rock art, religious iconography and mythological record that a large asteroid-meteor impact or possibly a series of strikes over a period of years has taken place in our near past. From the evidence presented here suggests at least one very large impact event has taken place in historical times or just prior to the establishment of early historical civilizations. As I am unable to ascertain whether we are dealing with multiple impact events I will treat the evidence as just a single impact event until such time that such permutations can be feasibly worked out.

I am certainly not the first to postulate such an impact occurrence in this time frame and surmise that religious and mythological evidence like the Great Flood legend sound suspiciously like the result of an ocean impact event, something other commentators have alluded to. There is now current strong opinion by some commentators that the Taurid meteorite showers the earth annually passes through, debris from the earlier disintegration of a large comet, was in olden times a shower of much larger meteor debris regularly causing Tunguska-like air explosions in ancient skies and I believe that some larger objects, specifically a very large asteroid-meteor from one of those Taurid meteorite showers impacted onto the earth in recorded historical memory.

I believe there is a plethora of visual impact evidence actually staring us in the face right now from a very large past impact but because the ancients misinterpreted the impact to be the work of a god or gods it is evidence that has been masked and camouflaged behind religious and mythological disguise. The actual timing of the impact or impacts and the various scientific and physical dynamics of a large impact event can only be rough guesstimates on my part at this stage and I will leave that to people more knowledgeable than I am in such matters to deduce and provide the answers to those mitigating factors. For that reason I will purposely generalize those aspects in this essay.